How do I convert a PDF file?

In order to convert a PDF file, you need to follow very simple steps:

What formats are supported?

With our extension you can convert:

As well as vise verse like:

Can I convert PDF to Word?

With PDF vs Word - PDF converter you can easily convert PDF to Word. It is as easy as that. Just download the PDF document from your hard drive/cloud storage or drag and drop it into the download box.

This converter is designed to convert PDFs to DOC and DOCX documents in their original quality.

Can I convert PDF to Excel?

The same thing, you can easily convert a PDF document to Excel file online. All platforms supported. Drop a file from Windows, Mac or Linux devices and convert PDF to Excel in seconds. PDF Converter Online service recognize both formats, so either PDF to xls or PDF to XLSX will be converted online in a moment. Be sure the document will look exactly as original one, so youwill be able to work with it further.

Are my converted files protected?

PDF vs Word - PDF converter takes care of the privacy of all your data that you upload, ensuring the safety, anonymity of your data and documents. Your data is protected from access by third parties

How long does PDF conversion take?

Our service uses the latest technology to quickly convert your files to and from PDF. The conversion process takes only seconds whether you are converting a PDF to Word or Word to PDF.

Where can I find my converted files after I download them?

After you finish the conversion you can view the converted file or save the PDF or DOC file on your computer. You should look for the downloaded file on your computer in the default download folder, usually the Downloads folder.